A film organization, that promotes Nordic films non commercially in Finland

For over forty years Walhalla has been bringing Nordic films to audiences through out the country. Although Walhalla is a small and independent organization, we manage to arrange a great number of screenings on a yearly basis in collaboration with e.g. film festivals, municipalites, schools and different associations.  We organize the film series ”The Nordic Film of the Month” screening at least eight films a year on several locations through out the country. We also lend films directly to schools, through our web based ”filmoteque” -service. These films are used as a part of language studies.

Our office is situated in Helsinki.

Walhalla ry
Välimerenkatu 14 A
00220 Helsinki

executive director
Anni Lappalainen
phone + 358 40 548 63 93
e-mail anni.lappalainen(at)walhalla.fi