Margreth Olinin ilahduttava ja koskettava lapsuuden ylistys on nyt saatavilla festivaaliesityksiin Walhallan kautta.

Elokuvassa on englanninkielinen tekstitys.

Pituus: 90 min

The focus on performance and competition is becoming stronger in schools and kindergartens. Focus on getting younger and younger children to acquire external knowledge. I am afraid that we, as parents, as a society, the children themselves – are in danger of missing out on their own and other’s different personalities because we do not acknowledge that each and every child has different potentials. CHILDHOOD is a silent protest. It shows a children’s garden where children can be at peace, where the trees teach them to grow at their own pace. It takes time to grow up, become a whole person. The modern childhood needs to be protected.” Margreth Olin

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